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This forum is for discussing various philosophical/metaphysical ideas. Theology is included, but let us avoid getting bogged down in discussing only one perspective. (Christian theology, for example, is not the only theology.) Political philosophy is also an accepted topic for discussion here. Please be civil!
14018338 years 38 weeks ago
by DominaLuna
This forum is for the discussion of religious concepts as they manifest themselves in all world religions. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a place for critiquing any particular world-view. This forum is only for those who are excited to learn about different spiritual points of view and/or who are eager to dig deeper into the narratives and symbols of their own faiths.
587519 years 50 weeks ago
by Katrina
This forum is for discussing themes and advances in all sciences. For those participants who have a high level of technical and/or mathematical expertise let this be a place where you may practice explaining your perspectives to laypeople.
978037 years 19 weeks ago
by DominaLuna
A forum for discussing films, books, shows, performance art, display art, poetry... all manner of ways we humans find to tell stories!
456789 years 46 weeks ago
by Katrina
Have something you need to get off your chest? Need to profess forgiveness to someone who might not be available for you to talk to anymore (or who might be available, but you're certain she-or-he won't listen)? Have an inspiring story of how forgiveness healed you and/or a broken relationship? Need encouragement to forgive someone? Need encouragement to forgive yourself? Have any thoughts about the topic of forgiveness? If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions... post here!
132017 years 39 weeks ago
by DominaLuna
A forum to discuss the things we're doing (or can do) in our homes and/or communities to make the world a better place!
606865 years 20 weeks ago
by DominaLuna