Inquire Within

Struggling with "the big questions"? Perhaps you need to consult with a professional philosopher...

This is GENIUS!!

I guess you're already making money with this line of work... ain't you? Dude, you must!!

And no, I'm not talking about movies. But, now that you mention it... yep, I think you'll make some money there. Lots of competitors, though... Wink

I LOVE the professional philosopher

Any chance he'll be offering consulting hours from the emporium?

Re: I LOVE...

Yes, we love him, too.  We've been trying to think of merchandising ideas for him for some time, but we've had a difficult time coming up with things that knock our socks off.  I suppose the smart approach would be to put something out there and just see how it does, but... time comes at a premium around here!Smile

I Love..

Ah, rubbish.  Please pass me a cup of some Instant Philosophy!

Re: I Love...

With existential flavor crystals?

re: I Love...

Mmmm... tasty.  The flavor crystals sole purpose IS to extract the flava in Instant Philosophy.