If you'll permit me, a fable...

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who wanted to build new houses.

The first little pig wanted to build his house out of straw.  However, Wolf Enterprises had a monopoly on straw and the little pig couldn't afford to buy any.  So the first little pig went to work for Wolf Enterprises and became regional manager of their Stick Distribution Center (SDiC).  He was paid enough to build a fine straw house and he became a trusted spokesperson for the company.

The second little pig wanted to build his house out of sticks, so naturally he had to go speak to the first little pig at the SDiC.  The first little pig could see quite easily that the second little pig could never afford Wolf Enterprises sticks.  But, since Wolf Enterprises held a monopoly on sticks as well, the first little pig couldn't tell the second little pig to shop somewhere else.  Thus the second little pig was turned away homeless.

So the second little pig formed a political coalition that aimed to completely dismantle Wolf Enterprises and in its place create a committee called Pigs' Institute for Straw and Sticks Everyone Deserves (PISSED for short).  The coalition negotiated with Wolf Enterprises and succeeded in securing a significant quantity of straw and sticks, which they distributed to their members.  And so the second little pig got his house of sticks.

The third little pig wallowed in mud, thinking about the house that she might build.  The first little pig, always prospecting for quality employees, approached the third little pig and made an offer.

"Third Little Pig," the first little pig began, "how would you like to live in a fine straw house instead of wallowing in this filth?"

"Sounds good to me!" the third little pig said.  "What do I have to do?"

"Just come to work for me at the SDiC," the first little pig said.  "Put in fifty hours a week and you can practically have all the straw you want!"

But the third little pig said, "I don't know.  That doesn't sound like such a good deal after all."  And she took a few sloppy turns in her wallow.

Right at that moment, the second little pig, always anxious to recruit new members, arrived on the scene.  "Third Little Pig," he said, "I hope you're not listening to this corporate back-stabber!  Support PISSED and we'll use our political influence to make sure everyone gets just the soft straw or sturdy sticks they need to fashion the homes they want!"

"Wow, that sounds even nicer!" the third little pig said.  "What do I have to do?"

The second little pig smiled confidently.  "Just do everything the committee tells you to do!"

The third little pig shook her head.  "That really sounds like the same offer I got from the first little pig."  After that, the third little pig said nothing.

The first little pig and the second little pig looked at each other, bewildered.  "Well, Third Little Pig, you have to decide who you're going to work with here," the first little pig said.  "Yes," said the second little pig, "there are no houses built around here except through us.  You must decide who you're going to support."

"I think I'll support neither," the third little pig said.

The first little pig was incredulous.  "Don't you get it?" he said.  "Through hard work and shrewd business strategy the SDiC has earned its market dominance and we pigs only share in its rightful prosperity by working there!"

The second little pig also objected.  "Are you mad?" he said.  "Whoever owns the means of production owns the power.  PISSED pledges to secure the power and give it back to the pigs who deserve it.  How can you oppose something like that?"

The third little pig simply said, "I reckon I've got all the power I need right here."

Both of the other pigs laughed at the third little pig.  "HA!" said the first little pig.  "You have no vision!  You deserve to die in squalor!"  "Ho!" said the second little pig.  "You have no sense of solidarity with your fellow pigs!  You deserve to die alone!"  And they both walked away.

Finally rid of distraction, the third little pig got to work shaping and drying the mud of her wallow into hard bricks.  When she'd made enough of them she constructed a house that was finer than any house that the SDiC or PISSED could ever even have dreamed of building.  With all of the extra time she had NOT working for the SDiC or PISSED she was able to make bricks for many other pigs also.  And in her tidy cottage the third little pig lived quite happily all the rest of her days.

What's the moral of the story?  When you find yourself with what looks like nothing, don't be so quick to leave your wallow or you might just miss an opportunity to innovate.  And if that happens... well, then your only other choices may just be to "take the stick" or be pissed.

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all is lost on me!! I thought I was smart but apparrently not. Maybe you should dumb it down for those of us who are less than devine.

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