The bleeping secret to becoming a peaceful warrior...

So there you are.  Sitting at your desk at work.  Things have slowed down and you're taking a break.  Then it hits you.  A craving is what it is.  Not for a Mountain Dew or a Moon Pie from the vending machines.  No, no... this is something more.  A deep desire to know... to know the ultimate answers of the universe!

Where the bleep did that come from? Some very secret place, most likely. A place buried so deep, only a wizened and nimble Nick Nolte can reach it.

Fortunately, a number of recent films and/or DVDs can help you get there.

In many ways it doesn't matter which one you consume.  Much like the sweet snacks you can buy for a few quarters in the break room, these films mostly deliver the same kind of calories.  In particular, they all impart the sublime truth that all of the answers you seek can only be found within you, in the here and now.

What I find interesting about these narratives, though, is that a) they don't really require questionable connections to quantum physics, in spite of their tendency to draw them, b) they don't reveal anything that has been particularly hidden, and c) what they do convey should, actually, be fairly obvious to just about everyone.

I mean, just about everyone has seen Star Wars.  Ask such a person how one taps into the Force and they'll tell you something like, "Well, dude, I guess you get all calm and clear your mind.  You get centered.  You don't think about the how or why.  You don't worry about the past or future.  You just kind of, like, empty yourself of everything and get in the zone, you know? Then you just let the Force flow through you."  Yessir, just about everyone will say that even if they don't know a lick about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  So much for quantum-powered bleeping secret warriors!

"But hold on," my critics might say.  "Nobody actually takes the principles taught by Jedi Masters seriously!  The reason we need films like Bleep and Secret and Warrior is because people need to understand that these ideas aren't just pie in the sky mysticism, but practices that actually work!"

While I think such a criticism rather misses the point, I'll go ahead and allow it.  But then I'll ask, what about the dozens of other beloved films that also impart these important principles? It's a Wonderful Life.  Ground Hog Day.  Jet Li's Fearless.  Heck, even the Matrix trilogy to some extent.  And really, what classic film doesn't attempt to help us realize that the secret to enjoying life is in having gratitude for what we have, calling on the powers that are within us to let go of the past, surrender the future, and live an authentic life right here in the present? To understand it's the journey and not the destination that matters?  Aren't these lessons precisely what make any film a "classic"?

But forget about films... what about all of the sacred texts? What about all of the ancient spiritual traditions that essentially teach these same things?

Self-help gurus can claim all they want that they're bringing something "hidden" or "new" or even "mysterious" to the public, but in reality they're growing rich selling the stuff that all of us have already learned for free by absorbing popular culture.  So how is it they make so much money?

A lack of faith, my friends.  The truth is known, it just isn't believed.  But if a "successful" and/or "pretty" person tells us it's true, then maybe the idea will have a chance of sinking in so we give it a shot.  None of it will work without good old fashioned faith, though.  Belief in something that cannot be proven.  Certainty, actually, that ultimate power dwells within each of us.

For without faith... well, it's all just spiritual Twinkies and Diet Coke.

peaceful warriors

Another great Frank Capra movie along the same lines as "It's a Wonderful Life" is "You Can't Take it With You."

My favourite example of a peaceful warrior is the main character in the movie "Spirited Away." Awesome alternative heroism!

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Ah yes... two more good "meaning of life" flicks... Smile

Bleepin insightful!

Awesome. Wink

And I havta say, I've only seen the first part of It's a Wonderful Life so far, but I like it a lot!

Re: Bleepin...

Wait until you get to the end! Smile