The Order of the Wave Trilogy


In the not-so-distant future, technology moguls use nanotechnology, holograms, and virtual reality to bring more realism to their elaborate, real-world role-playing games. Some convince “civilians” that the special effects are real.

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An angel brings startling news to a teenage girl. A guardian vows to protect her against the "agents of the dragon" who pursue her. But a weary FBI agent believes it's all just an elaborate kidnapping, a kind she's seen before. Will she uncover the truth in time to save the girl? Or will she find that "the truth" is much more than she bargained for?


In this final chapter of the Order of the Wave trilogy, Grace Rainwater is closer to finding answers than she's ever been, while vampires and lycanthropes appear to take opposite sides in a ramp up to Armageddon.

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A society of extreme role players blur the lines between science fiction and reality in a unique and thought provoking murder mystery.

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As found in the Twilightners novel - The dragon's head and the yin yang symbol are the sign of the Knights of the Gray Dragon. An order sworn to secrecy.