Grapevine Episode 1 — The Middle-East


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Grapevine’s first-ever podcast arrives in spite of a fair number of technical challenges, the evidence of which can be perceived in the quality of the recording, unfortunately. Sorry about that! But perhaps you won’t even notice it as you listen to Jasmine tell the wild tale of the making of the modern Middle-East. Unless you’ve read her source, you likely haven’t heard any of this before. We know it’ll blow your mind, because it sure blew William’s. He said, “Wow!” in the podcast, like, a bazillion times.

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  1. Jas

    Have to make a slight correction–the order of events was off in one of the stories I was telling. At the end of the war, Lawrence and Faisal met with Allenby. Lawrence believed Sykes-Picot was no longer in effect but it was referenced in denying Faisal an independent Arab state in Syria and putting Syria under French administration. Then at the Paris peace treaty meetings Lawrence and Faisal met with Chaim Weizmann to try to pressure the British by making the exchange of Hashemite backing of a Jewish state in Palestine for Zionist backing of an Arab state in Syria. But Lloyd George and Clemenceau had decided on the British and French division of the region. Also Lawrence did meet with Faisal later in England (I thought I remembered his refusing to do so once) but only at Faisal’s insistence. And Lawrence never did return to Syria. He did however go to meet with Faisal’s brother Abdullah in Amman at Churchill’s request.

  2. DominaLuna

    This is really a “graduate level” podcast, chock full of really interesting facts. It presents a whole lot of interesting facts and stories to explore.

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