Screen Shots Episode 1 — Star Trek Into Darkness



In this episode, Scott and William take aim at “Star Trek Into Darkness”, but only after they’ve enjoyed a leisurely stroll down Memory Lane. Scott ponders how so many leading men these days look like girls while William wonders when Karl Urban decided he hates DeForest Kelley. Have a listen, then tell Scott and William what you think of JJ Abrams, Bones, and girly-men by adding a comment of your own below! BUT TAKE CAUTION IF YOU DON’T WISH TO HEAR SPOILERS REGARDING: Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek (JJ Abrams original film), Star Trek: the Original Series, Star Trek films featuring the Original Series cast, The Empire Strikes Back, and Enterprise.

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  1. DominaLuna

    Yay! The comments section is open!
    Only because I know Scott and I think I knew what he was trying to say about “real men”, when I stumbled across this article where Chris Pine talks about what it means to be a “real man”, I was pretty amused.

  2. DominaLuna

    For anyone interested in discussion, I’m noticing there are some comments about this podcast out on the Aether Theater website here: and also on the Aether Theater Facebook forum:

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