Screen Shots Episode 3 — Man of Steel



In this episode, Scott laments darkness and Amy Adams while William insults both city-folk AND rednecks, although we’re pretty sure he didn’t mean to. And somewhere in all the mess, the boys actually have quite a bit of discussion about Man of Steel. BUT TAKE CAUTION IF YOU DON’T WISH TO HEAR SPOILERS REGARDING: Man of Steel, Superman (1978), Superman Returns, Smallville (the TV series), and Dark Knight Rises.

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  1. Jas

    Something is much clearer to me know after hearing your discussion of Man of Steel. The main thing I didn’t like about the movie was the whole over-the-top Superman as Jesus (with the most obvious reference probably being the shot in the church where we see a stained glass image of Jesus over Clark’s shoulder). And then there was the line spoken by Zod’s henchwoman about the fact that Evolution always wins over morality–which really makes no sense–but it did seem like Snyder was trying to play upon was some sort of anti-Science, pro-Faith division in American culture. (I don’t know if you know that the film was specifically marketed to Christian Pastors. The studio even put out a guide for sermons focused on the movie “Jesus: The Original Superhero.”) But I couldn’t figure out how the Evolution angle fit with the whole birth technology stuff on Krypton since Evolution sort of requires the very opposite of controlled reproduction.

    But I think I get it now–both from what you were describing when saying how Krypton should have looked less organic and more technological, and what you were saying about Pa Kent’s reason for warning Clark about saving the kids on the schoolbus. I think I agree more with Scott’s original take on Pa Kent’s warning–that Clark will be taken away and dissected. Krypton–a planet where science and technology has brought about the planet’s doom (science=amoral destructiveness). Earth–where nasty scientists believe in faith over evolution, and would be happy to dissect Clark because, again, scientists have no morality.

    I agree the ending was horrible and immediately brought 9/11 to mind. I can’t think that the filmmakers couldn’t have realized that so the question is why invoke that?

    I also wonder if the reasoning that Clark would know not to act with the violence that he does at the end because of the lessons he learned from the Kents actually gets kind of lost in this version.

    • Jas

      Oh, yeah, just remembering that the whole plot with Lois is about her protecting any knowledge of who Clark is for just the same reasons that Pa Kent had.

  2. Jas

    Hmm, just remembered that Zack Snyder also directed Watchmen and that movie (*Spoiler Alert*)

    ends with the powers that be orchestrating the destruction of a number of cities (including NY–which is shown onscreen and this movie was also post 9/11) and then blaming it on a scapegoat. And this whole event is justified as a way to bring about peace because it unites the people of earth against the scapegoat and turns them from their destructive, evil ways.

  3. Jas

    I especially like this whole sequence that takes place at Diana’s birthday party.

    This one’s good:

    And the several after this one about Diana reacting to her mother letting everyone know she’s a princess:

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