Screen Shots Episode 5 — Media Treatments of the JFK Assassination


In this episode, the boys snipe at films and documentaries pertaining to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Plus Scott does an impersonation of JFK. Give it a listen and leave comments!

Comments (2)

  1. DominaLuna

    It’s kind of an eerie coincidence that the anniversary of the assassination falls on a Friday the same as back in ’63.

  2. Jas

    I heard an aspect of the assassination that I had never heard before on NPR last night and that was how it affected people’s view of Dallas and how long it took for the city to recover from the negative perception. I hadn’t realized that Dallas was the associated with far right wing groups like the John Birch society, and that the fact that there had been a flyer distributed with Pres. Kennedy’s face as if on a mug shot saying “Wanted for Treason” drew suspicion onto the city itself. There was an interview with someone who was in high school at the time of the shooting and he said that when he went off to college, telephone operators would often refuse to connect his calls to home, and that when he and his family would go out of state on vacation and be out somewhere at a restaurant, if someone asked where they were from and they said “Dallas” people would get up and move to another table.

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